A little pick me up.

 Shirt: Express, Skirt & Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Target

 Doesn't this skirt just make you happy??? 

 Gah, I'm IN LOVE with it.  I think I would wear it everyday if it weren't for fear of ruining it.  I picked it up at an amazing vintage store here in Dallas at such a great price, it was really unbelievable.  I'm also really digging this shade of yellow.  I've had this bag for awhile now, my Mom got it for me for Christmas one year after I had "watched" it on Ebay for a long while.  Best Mom ever, right?  
On another note, has anyone else noticed how amazing Target's shoe selection is these days?  Seriously, in the past two weeks, I've bought 5 pairs of shoes there.  Ridiculous?  No.  Completely stylish & affordable?  Yes!  Anyway, this outfit was worn for a very special occasion which I would mention, but I don't want to jinx anything!  Forgive me!  Maybe I'll share good news soon?  

Lastly, I swear I'm not trying to write a novel here, but I wanted to let you in on my plan for more structure for this blog.  So look forward to regular posts on certain days, the whole shabang.  Hopefully that will keep me accountable! 

P.S. Just want to say thanks for all the love in the comments lately, it really means a lot!


  1. Such a cute outfit, love the shoes and bag! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. lovely shots. I've been scrolling the post's back and forth a couple of times, gotta say.


    You have a adorable blog by the way,hope you'll pass by