Wishing I was at the beach ...

Jeans, Bag, Watch, Sunglasses: Fossil; Top: Flying Tomato's; Hat: Panama Jack

Is it just me or is time going by way too fast these days?  It's simultaneously making me happy and crazy. On one hand, I'm happy because that means I'm that much closer to graduation!  On the other though, that means I'm that much closer to having to secure an internship, a job, and an adult life!  Scary!  Why couldn't I just be like all the other kids in America and spend a solid 4-5 years in college?  

Oh yeah, that's right, because I'm an overachiever.  One day in the future I'll thank myself for this, right?

Let me just end this post by saying this:  I love wearing wedges!  I love my new curling wand (NuMe, check it out!)!  I love wearing fedoras with crazy curly hair!  AND I love my new tiny bag modeled after a vintage camera bag! 



  1. I know how ya feel about school girl! I was done in 3 years... wish I'd taken my time lol. PS, that top is cuuuute!

  2. love it, so perfect


  3. this outfit is adorable! love those wedges :)

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