( Scarf & belt - Thrifted; Tank & bag - Fossil; Shorts - Forever 21; Boots - Vintage) 
Can I just say how excited I am that fall is almost here for us Texans?  We had a little taste of it last week and it was AMAZING!  Unfortunately though, today was back up to 95 degrees so I had to incorporate some fall-ness into a weather appropriate outfit.  Yes, I'm wearing shorts, but can you tell they're suede?  Or rather "faux-suede" as they are from F21.....BUT still!  I've had these shorts for awhile now, but I couldn't bear zipping myself into these things when it was still 100+ outside...they don't breathe....at all!  I really love the color of them, it goes nicely with the mossy green I'm wearing here, but also with golden tones, and rusty reds.  I'm seeing a lot of potential for these shorts, even once it gets chillier (read: tights, tall socks, sweaters).  Just thinking about the outfit possibilities gets me all excited for cold weather!  I'm sure many of your are already experiencing fall weather, how great is it?  No wait, don't tell me, I'll be too jealous!  

Let's see, just a few things going on for me right now.  For one, I just got promoted!  Very excited but just a little bit more time consuming.  Also, there's some major changes coming up for the blog.  Think .. new url, new name, new look but same old me..promise!  Maybe a little more of me, would that be okay?  I promise to keep you updated but for now, AU REVOIR! Enjoy your lovely fall weather ... while I sit here sweltering!  Only joking .... sorta!



Girl Power


So I just read this article, it talks about the above shirt and how many (including me) are outraged with it's message.  As a gender, we have worked so hard to prove ourselves as equals with men, we are just as smart, just as industrious, just as strong, just as capable, if not more so, than men.  Yet still, we have so far to go.  The fact that messages such as "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me," are slandering t-shirts targeted at young impressionable girls tells us that we have to work harder.  As it says in the article, it could be detrimental to young girls development for them to see shirts like these on their classmates.  Though they may just think it's "cute & sassy," it's actually transmitting a message to young girls, and boys for that matter.  This just isn't okay, as women, we need to make sure that young girls see, hear, and elicit only empowering messages.  

What do you guys think?