Here fishy, fishy!

Yay, the week is halfway over!
Here's a little video that definitely made my Wednesday better because I now know how to fishtail braid!  Maybe I'm a little late, but it's kind of one of those things I always thought would be way too hard to ever be worth the trouble.  Clearly I'm one of THOSE people who has yet to master the french braid.  Clearly I'm not bitter about it either ... 

Anyway, on to the vid.  The FP Girls posted it awhile back, what would we do without them?  Seriously.
So easy peasy, even I was able to do it, SEE:

So yes, have a great Wednesday flaunting your fish braid!  You can thank me later!


P.S. Their newest video showing you numerous ingenious ways to wear scarves is awesome too, just sayin'.


  1. i tried fishtail braid but i've never been able to do it that neat. great job!

  2. Thanks! I think it helped that my hair was wet when I did it! :)

  3. i rally want to make one now! thanks for this post!