Sunday Shoppin'

Sweater: Fossil, Belt & Boots: Vintage, Tank Dress(Underneath): Express, Bag: Vintage Coach

Have you ever heard of First Monday Trade Day in Canton, Texas?  Yeah, I didn't think so, but let me tell you about it!  It's one of my favorite monthly shopping events that I basically save up most of my money for.  I usually describe it as a giant "flea market" but that  doesn't do it justice.  It's not only vintage items but amazing handcrafted and new items as well.  You can find everything from a new kitchen sink, to antiques, to (my personal favorite) super amazing clothes!  I just love it.  I love the fact that you walk around for hours getting lost through the maze of vendors.  I love the homemade, fried and greasy foods.  I love the good deals and unique buys.  AND most of all, I love the people.  For instance, just today, while waiting on my Mom, my Dad and I met an older gentleman with a standard black poodle and just started talking.  He was great!  I love to hear the stories, the funny anecdotes, and the comings and goings of the people.  Everyone is just so nice and so interesting! 

Anyway, after having to skip the last couple of months due to weather and other things, I was SO pumped to go this weekend.  We usually "RV" it down there and stay a couple days, but this weekend we only had time to drive for the day.  Although the weather was irritatingly chilly, I toughed it out in this sweater/dress combo.  I was only cold 85% of the time! HA!  

I tell everyone and I'm telling you now, YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT CANTON!
If anything, it makes for some great inspiration!  Maybe I'll see you there next month?


P.S. Today I discovered "Come Together Trading Company," they are a Fair Trade retailer who have a booth at Canton, but also just recently opened up a Fair Trade coffee shop in Downtown Canton selling their wares.  It's owned by a husband and wife, we got a chance to chat with the wife today and she's just great.  So passionate and endearing.  You must check them out: www.cometogethertrading.com


  1. great look!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a GIVE-AWAY )

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