DIY: Curtain Dress.

Alright guys, I actually made this dress awhile back and still love/wear it and it's actually a really easy project.  So I thought I'd share the instructions with you:)  Hopefully it will inspire you to do something just like it or similar!

Here's a photo of the dress on me:
Now, if you like what you see and want to tackle one of your own, you're going to need:
  1. A lace panel curtain, preferrably one that has a wide casing on each end.
  (I just so happened to come across mine at a thrift store)
 2. 4 - 8 ft of ribbon.
  (I used 8 ft because it was what I had and I liked that the ribbon hung down on the side with the bow.)
 3. A needle & thread + a little patience, or a sewing machine.

In a nutshell, it goes together like this.....
This project is something that can be altered to your taste, so I explained it very vaguely.  But if you are someone who likes specifics....
    1.  Start with the curtain laying flat mine, measured about 5-6 ft from end to end.
    2.  Fold in half, mark wear the halfway point is, then cut on that line.
    3.  Fold up the raw edges about 1/4 inch, iron down, then hem it.
    4.  Next you're going to lay the two pieces squarely on top of one another, then sew up about 19" from the bottom edge on both sides, I sewed right along the edge.  (This is one of the parts that is somewhat up to your discretion, I personally wanted larger armholes so that it was open and comfortable, it's totally up to you though!)
    5.  Now all you have to do is thread the ribbon through the casings and tie on one side!

Since this dress is sheer, I like to wear it over a tube top and leggings, very Audrey Hepburn!  But it can also be worn over a slip, or a tube dress (I personally just didn't like the look of straps interfering with the ribbon so my choices are always strapless).

Another thing is, you could really do this with any kind of panel curtain solid ones, longer ones, shorter ones, and patterned ones!  I would go explore you nearest thrift store (or even Target!) and see what you come up with.

Anyway, hope this inspires you to make your own creation!


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  1. Omg, the fact that you made this out of a curtain is seriously awesome! Respect!