(Top: Harry Hines, Shorts: Fossil, Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target, Bangles: Vintage)

So it's over 100 degrees every day here in Texas..and this is what I wear to make that weather at all bearable, loose  comfortable clothing.  A nice swingy tank like this one is great especially in a bold print.  That way you can pair it with pants for work, shorts for running errands, throw it over a bikini on the weekend, it's very versatile.  If you're from the Dallas area, you've probably heard of "Harry Hines," if not, let me fill you in.  
Harry Hines is a sort of wholesale shopping district, primarily apparel, accessories, and shoes but there's also gifty items, perfumes, home goods, anything you can think of really, there's a shop down there selling it at discounted prices.  It's basically this phenomenon that started as something only for people with boutiques, and turned into a place where everyone can buy these items on the cheap for their own personal use.  I enjoy going every once in awhile, it's mostly a hit or miss.  If you ever go, just don't stay out there too late because it's also an area known for prostitution!  Dallas is weird, huh?


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