Blank Slate.

(Scarf in hair: Anna Sui, Dress & Watch: Fossil, Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Target)

So, I hate that this picture is so saturated with light, it's literally killing me to post this photo.  BUT, I assume bad pictures are better than no pictures, right?  I'm still trying to figure out my new camera.  It's much harder than it seems to snap your own shots, I know how I want it to look but without being behind the camera myself, I get unsavory results.  Oh well!  One day I will master the art....or find someone nice enough to take my pictures!?  

On to the clothes, I love this dress because it is such a blank slate.  It has limitless possibilities.  You can add any color of accessories or shoes because that gray is just so versatile.  I also love this dress because it is silk, which means it is light and airy AKA great for this horribly oppressive heat that were experiencing this summer. I chose some 70's inspired accessories to further lighten up the look but overall I kept it simple as I had to wear this to work.  Oh the joys of retail.... 


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