Looking for something to wear on the 14th?

Image:  Fossil Catalog.
Let me start by saying, I'm not usually one to buy a whole outfit that's already been put together via catalog, lookbook, or mannequin.  But this is just one of those exceptional times when an outfit styled in a catalog is just too good to not replicate!  How cute with some cowboy boots, right?  These pieces fit so well together, and on the body in general.  I convinced myself they were a Valentine's day gift to myself, because if I had a boyfriend, I'd probably of spent that much on something for him, so I guess it's a little reward for being single!  HA!  Gotta love the desperate rationale.  Anyway, IF I DID have a date for Valentine's day, this is most definitely what I'd be wearing.  Actually even though I DON'T have a date or any plans, I'm still wearing this outfit, maybe I'll get a date! ;)


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