Then Labor Day came and went...

and we shed what was left of our summer skin...
Alright so, summer is officially over!  And I am so sorry for completely neglecting this thing but I've just been so busy with work, school starting, and trying to enjoy what was left of summer.  So as a farewell to the summer, I'm going to share with you some pictures from this summer's adventures.  Enjoy!

Actually, pretty much all of these pictures are from our road-trip in August to Yellowstone!  All in all, this summer was pretty great, filled with friends, chicken foot, swimming, board games, loving family, good books, unbelievable food, and of course, laziness!  That is, laziness in between all of the annoying retail work I've done this summer!

But on to fall and other things, right?  I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I want this blog to be and what I want to accomplish with it.  So bear with me if I throw some big changes at you!  And please feel free to give me any tips, pointers, or advice!  I'm new to this and need your opinion!!  You'll definitely be seeing new posts more often!


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